Hello there!

I am Hai, also known as hozy. You can also look at my resumé.

I am currently a Computer Science student at the City University of Hong Kong. In the past, I have had some—albeit not in-depth—experience developing websites and cross-platform mobile applications. Right now, I am exploring C# and .NET, as well as learning Rust and Julia.

Even though my major is Computer Science, I like to learn about mathematics and physics as well, striving to self-study whenever possible. In particular, I am keenly interested in the intersection between mathematics and theoretical computer science, i.e., topics such as formal language and automata theory, computability and complexity theory, formal verification, and symbolic computation. I like to learn from textbooks and other text-based media.

This website contains a miscellany of things that I have learnt or encountered. I hope you will find something interesting here.

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